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Dec. 20th, 2013 04:16 pm
I did some icons as I was watching TV today. It might look like a random collection, unless you looked at [livejournal.com profile] shakatany's interest list.

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I haven't done icons for a while, but I didn't see exactly what I wanted, so I made a couple.

Dean inside out


Feel free to take if you want.

My creative muse is darting in a million directions.  Tonight, I wanted to play with some pretties for Calypso's new lesbian comm. This set are the "iconic" images, so expect lots of pink triangles and rainbows!


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Do you like the pretties? There are many more over at [livejournal.com profile] lipstickpassion . It's a new comm by our own Calypso that focuses on all things girl on girl! Come join us! You can find my first 24 icons HERE.
I discovered that Hulu lets you do your own screencaps and icons using the PrtScn button (which most viewers disable). I'm happy. So, I present you with a few icons from Dollhouse: Needs. This is just such an evil little show. I still don't know exactly who to cheer for... other than the obvious.

A few general thoughts on the twists... )

On with the icons....  

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I'm playing with backgrounds and fading, so I did some icons. I like some more than others, but you have a variety to choose from. As always, steal away. Please give me credit if you use them as icons. Oh, and feel free to use these as bases and add your own text.
We have Stargate (2), NCIS (5), BtVS/Angel (10), Sentinel (5) , Firefly (3)

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Thank You

Dec. 29th, 2008 02:31 pm
Wow. I am absolutely blown away by the award notices I got yesterday. There are a lot of great stories and awesome authors recognized in the Light My Fire Awards and the Sunnydale Memorial Awards, so I'm speechless. Congratulations to everyone who won, and boy are there a lot of winners on my flist. I'm blessed to be part of a very talented corner of the internet. Since my flist gave me such a nice gift, I come with a few gifties for you guys.

Thank you for the votes and the support... )
I feel very blessed... and inspired
I have some icons with the actors that play my favorite boys: Simon, Jim, and Blair -- Angel, Spike, and Xander


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I'm sitting here with a stuffy head watching NCIS, so I bring you icons. If ya'll have any particular requests or screencaps you want done, let me know. Tonight, I felt in a mood for some happier times with Jim and Blair since I'm focusing on a less happy time in canon in my current fic.

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I'm struggling with who to send after a very upset Xander. So, what do I do? Make icons. Actually, I made a color bar and icons, so feel free to take, customize, do whatever. Just please give credit.  

Oh, and obviously the theme is READING

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I'm wiped out, but I'm done with teaching that night SAT class. I'm glad I did it because the kids needed the help, but OI VEY! I'm exhausted. I came home, tried to write, and defaulted into graphics because I had too few brain cells still left from working 13 hours.

These are all blanks, so feel free to add your own text.
I'm exhausted. I taught class all day and then taught SAT prep until late-late. Nothing like a 13.5 hour work day to really leave you butt-dragging. And I have to do it again tomorrow. Anyway, I'm sitting here trying to wind down and doing more icons.


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More Nighttrain icons, this time with the theme of "journals." Use, take, have, alter... whatever floats your boat!

I'm struggling to get back into the swing of The Sentinel after a very long work week. So, I'm back to icons!!  These are all from Nighttrain, and I'm playing with a 70's inspired textures.


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Yep, I'm at it again with graphics, although today I think I'll answer the comments I have waiting for me over at shared_wisdom and post another chapter on Shadows and Siege. It's more fun to write now that Jack and Daniel are there more. Jack and Blair are not loving each other right now.

Anyway, more graphics. Again, big stuff is under the cut!


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Tired, tired, tired. I'm so tired, but it's too early to collapse in bed, and I can't focus on the story, so that means.... GRAPHICS.

Okay, these are bases using the yummiest picture of Garett Maggart evah! I put the matching banners under the cut so that I didn't kill the dial-up folks.

Banners, wallpapers and pretties are to be found under here

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I wanna play. So, how well do you know your Buffy characters? More importantly, how well do you know their eyes? All these are snagable as icons. Feel free to use them as bases. I can put whatever you want in the background, so you can have.  Just ask for the icon you want on the background you want... unless you want white, because the white ones are already available under the cut.

So, can you identify these characters by their eyes?  Some characters are here more than once... and some of these are really hard!  Answers are in the comments!
Fuck, fuck and double fuck (and not the kind that leaves a silly grin on your face, either). Okay, so the weather is beautiful, I slept with the windows open last night, and today I'm all yard-happy. I'd bought some stuff at Home Depot this week, and I'm going to plant and water and dig and be happy home owner. So, dragging hose around, gets caught in a loop, I pull, and suddenly I have WAY more water than I ever EVER wanted. Thank god I knew where the shut off was. Turns out that the exterior connector--the actual pipe coming out of the house-- has been loose a while, but Mom never mentioned it to me. (Breathe deep, don't explode). Long and short... I was supposed to be getting away and enjoying some time up north. I will now be waiting for a plummer who can't come until Tuesday. Meanwhile, my newly purchased bouganvilla and African daisies have to be watered with a pitcher... either that or I get to watch them die. *glares at hose* Okay, technically, I provided the force behind the pull, but trust me, I"m not that strong. This is SO the hose's fault.

I graded a grand total of four student projects, am still cranky about the way my week has gone, but when all else fails, waste time on the computer, that's my motto! I think this guy needs a name.  And thank you to everyone who sent good wishes.  Things are settling down, so maybe it will be okay.
Okay, this animation thing is fun. I started with the animation everyone sees with the kitty lick, but I didn't like red eyes so I modified it.  I have no idea who to credit for the source pic or I would.

Then I moved to my own animation with froggie.

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