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I'm having fun with the drawing program.

Two men kissing...

ETA: This is the source I used to get my proportions right.  Honestly, I'm not an artist, but with the program, I'm really good at tracing and tweaking.

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I have discovered two things.

1. I love Dartmouth Aires. I just bought their 2011 album from iTunes and it's really good.

2. SketchBook Pro is incredible. True, I bought the iPad because of the amount of travel I'm having to do. It was for work... honestly. It's light enough to slip inside a purse. However, the longer I have it, the more I'm using it to play. SketchBook Pro is a great one to play with. Look what I made:
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I'm working on Kin of the Heart, and it's fighting me, and I got sucked into Law and Order reruns. Is there any hour of the day when Law and Order ISN'T airing?

Anyway, I got bored and decided to do some graphics of the new women in Spike's life.

This is from TOYS!

Falif... The Oden Tal leader who sees Spike as the bringer of "viibor" or "the sacred forcing of a choice onto one who has lost her path and fallen from the knowledge of choice"The warrior woman/priestess )

And then there's Dalton... Spike's childe... the vampire he originally picked up from another master he killed who managed to prove herself smarter than the average vamp. When Spike was captured in the Darkside club, Dalton didn't eat Xander. When Spike went up against Glorificus, Dalton guarded Xander and Dawn with orders to get them to another dimension if it all went pear-shaped. And Dalton is Riley's current owner.
Spike's Dalton )
I'm struggling with who to send after a very upset Xander. So, what do I do? Make icons. Actually, I made a color bar and icons, so feel free to take, customize, do whatever. Just please give credit.  

Oh, and obviously the theme is READING

On with the icons!!! )
Yep, I'm at it again with graphics, although today I think I'll answer the comments I have waiting for me over at shared_wisdom and post another chapter on Shadows and Siege. It's more fun to write now that Jack and Daniel are there more. Jack and Blair are not loving each other right now.

Anyway, more graphics. Again, big stuff is under the cut!


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Tired, tired, tired. I'm so tired, but it's too early to collapse in bed, and I can't focus on the story, so that means.... GRAPHICS.

Okay, these are bases using the yummiest picture of Garett Maggart evah! I put the matching banners under the cut so that I didn't kill the dial-up folks.

Banners, wallpapers and pretties are to be found under here

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Fuck, fuck and double fuck (and not the kind that leaves a silly grin on your face, either). Okay, so the weather is beautiful, I slept with the windows open last night, and today I'm all yard-happy. I'd bought some stuff at Home Depot this week, and I'm going to plant and water and dig and be happy home owner. So, dragging hose around, gets caught in a loop, I pull, and suddenly I have WAY more water than I ever EVER wanted. Thank god I knew where the shut off was. Turns out that the exterior connector--the actual pipe coming out of the house-- has been loose a while, but Mom never mentioned it to me. (Breathe deep, don't explode). Long and short... I was supposed to be getting away and enjoying some time up north. I will now be waiting for a plummer who can't come until Tuesday. Meanwhile, my newly purchased bouganvilla and African daisies have to be watered with a pitcher... either that or I get to watch them die. *glares at hose* Okay, technically, I provided the force behind the pull, but trust me, I"m not that strong. This is SO the hose's fault.
Okay, this animation thing is fun. I started with the animation everyone sees with the kitty lick, but I didn't like red eyes so I modified it.  I have no idea who to credit for the source pic or I would.

Then I moved to my own animation with froggie.

I have found a quote that explains why I love angst stories. Seriously....
M. Scott Peck:

The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.
In honor of this wonderful quote, I made some wallpapers
Jim and Blair in Green

Jim and Blair in Blue

Jim and Blair in Rust

Storm and Sea

Storm and Sea (widescreen)

Jayne from Jaynestown

Mal and Jayne on Serenity

Okay, I'm working on my next flist celebration story, and I'm really out of practice with season one Xander babble. As usual when my muse starts to falter, I went and did graphics. Since the flower themes when over so well last time, I made three more

Daisy: Pink Rose:   Yellow something:
 Take, use, alter, whatever floats your boat my dears!

I redid my journal again, going with a rose theme this time. Well, I thought ya'll might like to use the runner ups. Feel free to take, use, or alter any of these. Each "theme" has a banner, an icon and a "friends only" banner that match.

Sets: Red Rose  Purple Rose  Orange Flower 

Okay, these banners are for [personal profile] shakatany who wanted stars/nebulas with a woman's profile. Happy late birthday!  Now, I can't even say I like all these, but hopefully one will catch your eye. Shak, pick whichever one you want, and I can put whatever text you want and we can start to customize.

Shak picked the large green (daVinci) banner, so the others are available to snag!

My grading is done. MY GRADING IS DONE! MY GRADING IS DONE!!!!!!

Do you get the idea I'm glad my grading is done? Lord, I hate the end of semester! Anyway, I'm back. I tried to work on Experience Curve, and I got a bit stuck. So, instead I thought I'd play a little game with you guys (and give you some wallpapers for Sentinel and Buffy). Can you match the character and the spirit animal??

It's Law and Order night, and I sat and played as I watched. I'm starting to play with layering and brushes, and so I created a set of "Passion" graphics for Spike. If you want to use them for banners, let me know and I'll put your user name on the banners... easy squeezy

Sample:002ke7b6 002kkbdy

Okay, I've been doing some request work from a contest at Darker Spike, but Darker Spike is locked, and some of you may not have been able to see my stuff.  Fair warning, I'm lazy, so I'm dumping everything into one frikkin' huge graphics post.  Icons up top, then Friend's Only Banners, then the matching LJ banners.  LOTS of graphics ahead

Firefly: Xangel(us): 0020kyf9 Joyce and Spike:

And all the Banners that match (more icons inside too)

Darker Spike has this wonderful challenge going where a person asks for a custom header/icon/friends only banner set and an artist fills the request. YOu can request anything from Buffy, Angel or Firefly, and you can specify a certain screencap, a pairing, or a color. I did one set, but when out looking for Joyce pics, I found a Faith picture I couldn't resist. Of *course* no one wanted Faith, but I did a set anyway. 3 LJ Banners (various sizes) - Friends Only Banner - 6 Icons. Anyone can snag them, just let me know if you do so I can go see the pretty.


Okay, last set of banners.  These are VERY suggestive or just out and out danglies.  I guess I should mention that these are just 300 px wide thumbnails.  Click on the image to get full sized images.  And for the last time, take, use, modify, whatever.

I'm having fun knowing that I have gotten my big projects done.  I can actually breathe. So, I'm watching my shows and doing some manipping.  These are banners, and feel free to TAKE, USE, MODIFY, or PERSONALIZE.  If you like a banner and want your name on it, let me know and I'll personalize it for you, or I can give you the blank without any text at all.

A few fandom banners (mostly not and none in this batch).  This is the WORKSAFE batch.

Well, it's Friday night TV time, but I'm not in the mood for icons. Therefore, let me show you my wallpaper pretties.


full size pretties )

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