Any Guideline fans out there?? That's my Sentinel series where Jim is a sentinel who failed the U.S. Sentinel Program under questionable circumstances. Blair is the graduate student challenging the entire philosophy of the Sentinel Program in a world already nervous in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. The USSP would just like to see both men disappear.

That story leave a couple of characters with a hopeful but uncertain future: Wilke-the guide who has pissed off the brass by siding with Jim and Blair and therefore lost his last chance at getting a sentinel, and Jamal-a sentinel who is left in a coma through the ignorance of a government that doesn't understand sentinel instincts. At the end of the series, Blair gives Wilke and General Karn some advice about making it possible for them to rescue the comatose Jamal.

Well, now [profile] tootallforyou has written that follow up story with Wilke's covert mission to try and save Jamal from the ignorance of his own government.

Saving Jamal.

THE END.  Calloo, Callay, I've finished a WIP.

Okay... rushed a bit to get this done for Taming the Muse. I couldn't work "pitch" into the last chapter, so I had to go ahead and finish the whole story to get it to work in here. I'm sure ya'll are disappointed.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Getting close to the end now! I think I may have the last bit out tonight still!

The final play )
Guidelines Power Play

Okay, let's just call this the "next" chapter. I'm going to do a little rearranging of chapter breaks when I'm done. However, here we have Jim at the hospital.

at the hospital )
Okay, this is short-short. However, I don't think I'm going to be able to add more to it this week, and I didn't want to leave that cliffhanger any longer than I had to.

This part is rated R; the series is NC-17

He followed as Kelly led them out into the summer heat, walking the arcade while groups of timid freshman hurried by and grad students trying to score leaned against arches and chatted with girls. They had almost reached the end of the walkway when a familiar outline appeared with the sun at his back.

"Blair?" Jim asked as he stepped forward. Blair felt Kelly grab his arm with one hand while the gun pressed into his back with the other.

"Jim," Blair choked out in surprise as his Sentinel stopped just inside the shadow of the walkway's arched roof.

Guidelines: Powerplay

Guess what?? Chapters 12 and 13! If this keeps up, I might actually get to my Angel bunny I'm supposed to have written by August 11th... or not (we'll see)

The Sentinel
Guidelines: Power Play, Chapter 11

Jim is undercover investigating the death of a witness against a group trying to take over Curasco's drug business.  Blair is dealing with a psycho-domme-ex.  And despite Jim's warnings, Blair doesn't plan on sitting out on this investigation.

Okay, we're trotting right along with our updates.

Guidelines Power Play:
Yep.... Another update


Chapter 10 )
And here be the prOn. Yep, we have slashy goodness, so if you're a gen reader, skip this chapter.


Cranky Jim )
Oh, Blair is whispering to me now. After all, I couldn't leave them huddling in the Carasco greenhouse for too long.

Chapter 8 )
Jim/Blair Slashiness
Part of the Guidelines Universe. Oh, and look what guidelines won! Awards... does an ego good

Chapter Seven )
Okay, I finally got my Sentinel mojo back! Here's Chapter Five of Guidelines: PowerPlay!

Jim's undercover assignment may turn out a little different than anyone had planned

Warning: Animal cruelty. Jim doesn't like it either, but it happens. Feel free to fantasize about torturing the bad guys because Jim is.

And we're back with the story! )
Huge smoochies to Fingers, Patk, Kaleecat, and Unicorn who are bidding on my stories for the Moonridge auction here and here.  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Okay, on with the story....

Last time on Guidelines

"Jim, I want to press charges for assault and unlawful interference with a pairing," Blair said as he crossed his arms.  No way would the charges stand, especially since only the military could enforce the laws, but any civilian agency could arrest suspects, and the paperwork would be a nightmare.

Wilke made a small choking sound as Blair headed for his own desk.  He hadn't planned on coming to work today, but he had plenty of work including a culture training for incoming officers.  As Blair pulled out the right file, he smiled at the sight of Cohn glowering, Jim typing away on the booking form, and Wilke standing in the middle of the bullpen with his eyes snapping from one point to another like a lost bird.  Sometimes life was good. 

Guidelines 4: PowerPlay
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Anyone remember this??

Blair would have answered the cop, but a strong hand pushed him face first into the side of a police van before frisking him, and the cop's tone of voice suggested that he had passed rational discussion a couple of exits back. When the cop finished frisking him, a cold voice ordered him to put his hands behind his back before even colder steel closed on his wrists. He waited as he heard another officer open the back of the van while Mr. Cranky held his arm like he was going to try and run off handcuffed.

"Hey, man, claiming to be Blair Sandburg and trying to put some of the blame back on him, very cool," one of the other students who'd been arrested offered in a friendly voice.

"Who's Blair Sandburg?" another student asked.

"An idiot," Blair answered, "a real idiot."


Read on )


Guidelines 4: Power Play
Chapter 2

Jim is a sentinel who failed the U.S. Sentinel Program under questionable circumstances. Blair is the student challenging the entire philosophy of the Sentinel Program. The USSP would just like to see both men disappear.

Previous Episodes in the Series HERE

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Once upon a time, an enthusiastic grad student developed a funny little theory that said a Guide, like a Sentinel, was a biological imperative. That didn't go over well with the United States Sentinel Program. Guidelines: Beginnings

When Sentinel and Guide started working together, Blair had to figure out which Regulations worked, and which accounted for the difficulties Jim suffered, difficulties that made his senses more of a handicap than a help. Guidelines: Regulations

Eventually the Sentinel and Guide had to open up to each other and learn to work as a team. Guidelines: Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Well now the guys are getting on with what passes for a normal life, but the USSP isn't done with them, and they aren't done with the USSP.

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