Okay, a while back I offered ficlets to anyone who could guess which icons were mine over at SG1Cascadeicons. I got [personal profile] asharia her Spander and [personal profile] stillrose her Magical Cage and [profile] kayjay206 her crossover. I never got around to getting [profile] shadow_in_eden her bit of Trickster. I didn't forget you!!! So, here's a bit from the Butterfly!verse.

I really tried to get the Taming the Muse prompt into the last chapter of Experience Curve, but the abacus reference turned into calculus, and I couldn't get it to turn back into abacus without getting weird, so here's something different.

This is a bit I wrote a while ago for twit_trisana.  It shows the backstory of Xan, Childe of Nusa, back when he was human.

This is the new bit I just wrote...

And I've started the 400 Celebration.  The questions and requests have led to a curious muse and some interesting tidbits that I couldn't have predicted....

Mangled Spells… Right after "Drusilla's Gift" for [livejournal.com profile] nerowill

How many are disturbed by a randomly gender-changing Xander??? )

Trickster Flashback for [profile] twit_trisana

Parents and Childer

Anyone else curious about the human Nusa turned over 900 years ago? )

Janus Shadow: THE END (16 of 16)
Warnings: Dom!Xander/sub!Spike, bondage, fireplay, yadda, yadda

Well, this epic is over... now I need to reread my Sentinel stories and get back in the mood for more Guidelines.

The end )
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Chapter: 15/16
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Still looking for the vamps

Janus Shadow 15 )
Life is good. I finished grading term papers, Beautiful Broken and Your Bloody Fault are both nominated over at The Fang Fetish Awards , and I have part 14 done on Janus' Shadow. Good times.

Pairing: Spike/Xander
Chapter: 14/16
Rating: ADULT
Summary: The big talk turns into more

Janus Shadow 14 )
You know how I wanted to finish the story this weekend? Yeah, not happening. The research papers are all graded though. Yippee for catching up on grading, and maybe I can finish the story next weekend.

Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warnings: Dom/sub
Summary: Xander needs to fess up to his friends about his inner vampire

Janus Shadow 13 )
Okay, we're going to keep this just to the flist until I have a chance to read it in the morning. So, if you find stupid mistakes, give a shout!

Pairing: Spander

Janus' Shadow 12 )
Xander deals with the aftermath of having to kill to protect Spike. Angel growls.

Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dom/sub, angst

Janus' Shadow 11 (and I really can't write 'em short, can I?) )
Okay, I'm in class and bored senseless. So, I finished part 10. Be honest. I wrote this in class and I don't THINK that distracted me, but I can't be sure. So, feel free to point out mistakes or tell me if something feels "off." And as *always*, feel free to tell me that it worked too! ;D

Pairing: Spander
Warnings: Dom/sub, bondage, BLOODPLAY (this chapter)

Janus' Shadow, part 10 )
I'm so sorry I've become so erratic lately. It's coming down to finals time, but I did get my huge April projects off. So, I have a little fanfic time, but not a lot. Today's offering is Trickter II, Janus' Shadow.

Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dom!Xander (the former vampire) and Sub!Spike (who doesn't submit that easily)

Janus' Shadow 9 )

I totally have NOT forgotten Guidelines, but for reasons of plottiness and clue-dropping, Guidelines is about a hundred times harder to write and I really need more time and active braincells before I dare risk working on that.
Okay, I have to go back to work tomorrow (no more playing sick for me, and god am I backed up with work). Anyway, this is the last of my writing "spurt" on Janus' Shadow. This is totally unbeta'ed, but if I don't post now, I won't post it until Friday. Do me a favor and POINT OUT the mistakes. SERIOUSLY. I don't want to archive my stupid mistakes.

The Plot Thickens, Janus' Shadow, Part Eight )
Can you tell I'm feeling better? Here's part seven, this time actually beta'ed by Cindershadow so you don't have to put up with my usual lack of hypens and commas. Thanks hon!

More kinkiness, but more importantly, it's time to face the Scoobies...

Janus' Shadow 7 )
By the way, a couple of freaky good Xangel and Xangel and Xangelus stories if you're in the mood. Clickly the linky.
Okay, fair warning.

Long chapter
Long, kinky chapter
Long, kinky, unbeta'ed chapter

And did I mention kinky?
Blood play, domination, S&M, pain play, bondage, and a mouthy sub

Janus' Shadow, Chapter 6 )
Okay, I'm feeling a little better. At least I can sit at the computer without my body aching after ten minutes. So, what did I do with my free time while sick? Did I grade papers? Nope. Work on my homework? Nope. Do the damn National Board entry I still have missing from my portfolio? Nope. I read/wrote smut!

Best of the day's reading:
Deflate by [profile] ladycat777.  Wow.  Dark.  Powerful.  Very canon based.  Very emotionally true.
Oxnard to Glory by [profile] douse_house (otherwise known as [personal profile] tabaqui and [personal profile] reremouse).  A wonderful, slow buildup of a relationship between an openly gay Xander (whose not getting any) and a non-chipped/chipped/non-chipped Spike (who's also not getting any)

My offering today is more on Trickster's Sequel, now official known as Janus' Shadow

Chapter 5 )
200 Celebration
Request: _sharvie_
Universe: Butterfly!Verse
Point of View: Spike
Word Count: 1221

Okay, this is NOT part of the main story. NOT NOT NOT!

This is Sharvie's request for my 200 celebration. She wanted Spike's thoughts from the Butterfly!verse, so this snippet is from the period of time between the two stories. During the whole Acaltha mess, Angelus' minions drag a human Xander back to the mansion for some revenge.

Rated TEEN (nothing explicit)

Priorities )
Trickster's Sequel returns with the boys working out their differences.

Warnings: Spike/Xander, dom/sub, dom Xander, slash, bondage, BLOODPLAY THIS CHAPTER

Chapter 4 )
P.S. Is anyone else having trouble accessing my journal?? I keep getting an "infinite loop/database busy" warning.

P.P.S. I have a bunch of little bonus stories I wrote last week. Find them all by clicking here
Trickster's Sequel returns after a week off for real homework.

Warnings: Spike/Xander, dom/sub, dom Xander, slash, bondage
Xander's vamp side keeps popping out

Chapter 3 )
No title yet, but this is more of Elder!Vamp Xander, although he'd not really an elder, and the vamp thing wore off which leaves just Xander.

Warnings: Spike/Xander, dom/sub, dom Xander, slash, bondage

Anyway, Spike and Xander meet again.

Chapter 2 )
Oh lord... someone stop me. For some reason the muse is going strong (as evidenced by the fact this is my third chapter in twenty four hours. Small problem... this isn't my Sentinel WIP, but this dark little universe is calling me.

Trickster's treat begins on that night when Ethan cursed the costumes. Except Xander didn't choose to go as a soldier, he picked the vampire cape and cheesy fake teeth and a plastic sword to bop the children they were supposed to be taking trick or treating. Things go down hill from there.

The original has some pretty strong warnings for vampire sex meaning blood, bondage, and domination.
The original: http://lit-gal.livejournal.com/tag/eldervamp+xander

And now.... the return of the Butterfly!verse with this sequel which doesn't even have a name yet.

Read more... )

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