Jul. 14th, 2016

Many of you will recognize big chunks of this, but I'm wondering how it works as an original.

Tap Dancing the Minefields

George “Tank” Tanki started fighting when he was fourteen and his high school classmate had her estranged father show up and want to reclaim his daughter for her demonic heritage. Since that time, he helped fight the forces of darkness. They won that war, but Tank felt like he lost himself. Searching for meaning in life, he joined the Army. He hoped to find a normal war and a way to connect with normal people. Instead he found the government had a few secrets of their own.

Lev is an engineer, and a damn good one. He serves in a secret government agency dealing with aliens that have been exploring and exploiting earth for generations. He’s also a geek in a world of soldiers. He never expected that the addition of one more emotionally damaged man to his base would change everything. While Lev’s heart warns him to avoid getting involved with someone already so young and his common sense tells him that on-base romance is trouble, he finds himself falling for the young man with sad eyes. But in their line of business, love sometimes takes a backseat to saving the world.

Chapter One

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Chapter Two

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