I suck at this meme thing. Nothing I do is short. My new pro-fic story that comes out at the end of the month? I had to split it into three books because it’s 200,000 words long. So I found (or created) good breaking points and made three books. I would call that long only the Igigi universe 461,000 words and my Kin series is 480,000

This will NOT be that long. So, here was the prompt:

From [livejournal.com profile] kaleecat: During that summer while Gibbs was on margarita safari, Tony was handling a recalcitrant team & an NCIS director that wants him to go undercover. What if Tony actually questioned deeper the legitimacy of the op? And how would Jenny react?

Illusions Lost
Our experience is composed rather of illusions lost than of wisdom acquired.
Joseph Roux

NCIS/Criminal Minds
Gibbs has left for Mexico, and Tony’s gut is telling him he’s in trouble. Abby is too distracted by her grief for Gibbs to back Tony up, so he decides to go to the most Abbish person he knows for help: Penelope Garcia. Abby introduced them after the two women met at a forensics seminar for federal agents. So Tony asks Garcia if she will do a little digging, but bringing Garcia in means bringing in other members of the BAU. After all, if Garcia thinks a friend is in trouble, she’ll always turn to her Derek, trusting him to do the right thing. Tony just isn't sure that having Derek Morgan on his side is going to help when he has a director making unreasonable requests, a team doing the minimum required for their job and an overwrought Abby to deal with.

Chapter One: Jenny's Request

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Chapter Two: Garcia Rides to the Rescue

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